The Ridesharing Gamechanger for Traffic

While Uber, Lyft, Didi, Ola and other major players in the ridesharing world have disrupted the traditional taxi cab industry, there is still a huge opportunity to further bring down the number of cars on […]

Official mileage of Indian cars and two wheelers – SIAM Calibration

There is a lot of speculation whenever we look at the mileage figures provided by the car manufacturers in India. Most of the times , it so happens that the mileage figures stated in a […]

How to Book train Tickets Online –

A step by step description of booking railway tickets online- Planning to travel? Want to go by train? But don’t want to stand in the booking line for an hour and half? Well, there’s […]

The future of Electric vehicles

The Future of electric vehicles with the current scenario of technology improvements is very promising. Companies such as Bosch , Toyota and BMW , Audi are already driving the electrification of the cars in a […]

Elevated Expressway – Hebbal to Bangalore Airport

Read an opinion of a Bangalorean about the elevated expressway being constructed from Hebbal to Bangalore BIAL- Airport. Is the elevated express way needed from Hebbal to Airport OR Would constructing a railway track/train been […]

Bangalore Metro – Will it Solve the Traffic Chaos of Bangalore

The age-old adage “Rome was not built in a day” is reminiscent of substantial substance and undying novelty of Rome. Equally intriguing is “When Rome was burning, her citizenry were thinking of rebuilding Rome”. Bangalore […]

New Maruti SWIFT special Edition released

Commemorating the millionth car sale in a a span of less than a decade, Maruti Swift has made history again with its outstanding quality and service. As a special attraction Maruti Suzuki is releasing a […]

Why does the car not start when the Engine is hot.

Most of us who own cars in India would have faced this problem of a failed Engine start when ever we try to start the car when the Engine is already hot. This is a […]

Why Solar Cars are not in the market?

Solar technology, the power to harness Energy from the Sun and use it for various purposes has been around from a very long time . With different applications which have used Solar energy from Satellites […]

Facts about Indian Railways

Few countries in the world have an efficient network of rail roads and India is among them. Here are a few staggering statistics about the Indian railways. -> Indian railways employs the largest workforce in […]

Autorickshaws in Bangalore

From the past one month, there has been a furore in Bangalore about the price hike for the auto fares in the city.This price hike issue comes up almost every 6 months in Bangalore because […]

Which car to Choose ? Diesel or Petrol

There has been an age old debate about which is a better engine :– Diesel or the Petrol,but the truth is that both Diesel and the petrol engines have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let […]

Which car to Choose:Ford IKON, Swift Dzire , Mahindra Logan

Here is a short review of the various aspects of the Ford Ikon, Mahindra Logan and Swift Dzire.Kindly note that this review is only the opinion of a common car enthusiast and is in no way reflective of providing any judgement on the quality , performance and ability of the car. This review is not intended to degrade any brand and is only a personal opinion.